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DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week

Week 37 - Issue #96

DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week
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Week 37 - Issue #96

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GitOps your service orchestrations | Google Cloud Blog

In this approach, you have a staging branch where you make changes to a workflow. This change triggers a Cloud Build configuration that deploys a test staging workflow and runs some staging tests against it. If all tests pass, Cloud Build deploys the staging workflow. After more manual testing of the staging workflow, you merge changes from the staging branch to the main branch. This change triggers the same Cloud Build configuration to deploy a test production workflow, run more production tests, and deploy the production workflow if all tests pass.
This approach enables you to have an automated and staged rollout of workflow changes.

Kaniko — Building Container Images in a Kubernetes Cluster | by Ikram Khan | Medium

Kaniko is a daemon-less container image builder that allows users to build container images inside a container or Kubernetes cluster. It creates container images in the Kubernetes cluster in userspace without Docker Daemon.

Tyblog | 35 Million Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx

This blog post is about a benchmarking study on the performance metrics of Caddy vs. Nginx. The study found that Caddy is overall a faster reverse proxy than Nginx.

Observability is becoming mission critical, but who watches the watchmen? - Simon Aronsson

Observability is becoming mission-critical for many organizations, but it is important to remember that the observability stack needs to be monitored to ensure it is functioning properly.

React App as a WordPress Plugin rendered with Shortcode | by Wesley Huber | Medium

In this article, the author shows how to create a React App as a WordPress Plugin and pass data from PHP / WordPress to the React App.

Linux hardening: Systemd services | by SecSamDev | Towards Dev

Systemd services can be sandboxed to improve security. This security review involves adding the "NoNewPrivileges" option to prevent processes from escalating privileges.

WunderBase - Serverless GraphQL Database on top of SQLite, Firecracker and Prisma - WunderGraph

WunderBase is an open-source, serverless database that runs on top of SQLite, Firecracker, and Prisma. It's simple to use and can be deployed in seconds.

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