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DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week

Week 15 - Issue #74

DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week
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Week 15 - Issue #74

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Introducing the Google SRE Prodcast

The Google SRE Prodcast is an interview-style podcast where Site Reliability Engineers discuss key SRE concepts and share their experiences, advice, and strong opinions. Throughout nine episodes, domain experts explain, challenge, and reframe everything from SLOs to what it means to be an excellent SRE. Check the SRE podcast out at

Inside the longest Atlassian outage

At the time of writing, 45% of companies have seen their access to JIRA, Confluence, OpsGenie, and other Atlassian Cloud services restored. Atlassian has gone silent in communications across their main channels such as Twitter or the community forums for most of this outage. It took until Day 9 for executives at the company to acknowledge the outage for the first time. The outage comes at a critical time when Atlassian starts to retire its Server product - which was immune to this outage - in favor of onboarding customers to its Cloud offering.

Git security vulnerability announced

The Git project has released new versions which address a pair of security vulnerabilities. The most effective way to protect against this vulnerability is to upgrade to Git v2.35.2.2. This version changes Git's behavior when looking for a top-level .git directory to stop when its directory traversal changes ownership from the current user. In addition, the vulnerability affects the Git for Windows uninstaller, which runs in the user's temporary directory. If you are on a multi-user machine, avoid using these tools until upgrading to the latest release.

Why Akamai bought Linode

Akamai announced its plans to acquire Linode, the well-loved cloud hosting service, to build its cloud and edge computing portfolio. The $900 million acquisition closed last month. The company started building out more computer-centric services throughout the previous few years. Apple, for example, is using Akamai for its Private Relay service, and other customers also want similar capabilities. Adam Karon, the company's COO and GM of its Edge Technology Group talk about what the acquisition means for its future.

Mizu – API traffic viewer for Kubernetes

The API Traffic Viewer for Kubernetes enables you to view all API communication between microservices to help you debug and troubleshoot regressions. The project is for everyone. We ask that our users and contributors take a few minutes to review our Code of Conduct. The API traffic viewer is a simple-yet-powerful API traffic viewer. It's a simple yet powerful tool that can be quickly run on any cluster (version of 1.16.0 or higher)

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