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DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week

Week 17 - Issue #76

DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week
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Week 17 - Issue #76

Read: The Why and How of Preventing Kubernetes Misconfigurations w/ Open Source Tool Datree 

Post-incident review on the Atlassian April 2022 outage

The Post-Incident Review (PIR) can be downloaded as a PDF file. This PIR provides the exact details of the incident, outlines the steps we took to recover and describes how we will prevent situations like this from happening in the future. We hope the details and actions outlined in this document show that Atlassian will continue to provide a world-class cloud platform and a robust portfolio of products.

ArgoCD Best Practices

In this article, we'll explore some of the best practices of Argo that I've found and learn how we can validate our custom resources against these best practices. For every Rollout, we can define a list of steps with one of two fields: setWeight and PauseConditions. Argo uses these steps to manipulate the pause and the Rollout to trigger the reaction of the next Rollout. There is only a single supported resource name for each specific kind of ConfigMap and Secret resource.

New from Anaconda: Python in the Browser

PyScript is a framework that allows users to create rich Python applications in the browser using a mix of Python with standard HTML. PyScript aims to give users a first-class programming language with consistent styling rules, is more expressive and is easier to learn. The browser works everywhere (laptops, tablets, and phones) and is secure, robust, and stable. We hope to see the popularity and adoption of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript rises alongside Python, ultimately making the web a more friendly and hackable place for everyone.

Security Turbulence in the Cloud: Survey Says…

Threatpost polled 400+ readers about security challenges in the cloud. Misconfigurations and data exposure is the biggest threat to cloud deployments. According to the poll results, data privacy and regulatory issues are just the tips of the iceberg. Almost a quarter (24 percent) said they had no confidence in their organization's cloud security. Just 8 percent said they feel "highly" confident in their cloud security, and the majority felt bullish (68 percent). When asked if they've implemented a zero-trust architecture for access management, 53 percent said, "not yet but plan to," and 17 percent said it confused them.

Founding Uber SRE

This is my personal story of starting the SRE organization at Uber. We were about twenty people within an engineering organization of about two hundred, rapidly on its way to two thousand. The infrastructure teams were:
The Developer Tools team.
The Infrastructure Engineering team is laser-focused on outpacing Postgres' appetite for disk space.
A team in Denmark primarily focused on deployment tooling.
The InfraOps team did everything else.
Uber's monolith had become difficult: migrations were risky, and deployments included many teams'.

Remote Development With JetBrains Gateway and Gitpod

JetBrains Gateway is our solution for remote development. It is a standalone app that will connect to a remote server via SSH. It will download and install an IDE as a backend service and open a project hosted on the remote machine. All language processing happens in your Gitpod environment while working locally with a rich, thin client. IntelliJ IDEA, GoLand, PyCharm, and PhpStorm are currently supported. Gitpod is a well-known open-source orchestration and provisioning platform for automated developer environments.

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