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DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week

Week 27 - Issue #86

DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week
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Week 27 - Issue #86

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This Week in Programming: GitHub Copilot Tests the Copyleft

Some in the open-source community criticize GitHub for charging for its Copilot service, which assists developers with code completion. They argue that this appropriates open-source intellectual property and that developers who care about open-source software should cut ties with GitHub altogether.

Check out 👉️ My Tweet Thread about Copilot and our AI Future

Vulnerability scanning for containers, Kubernetes, and IaC

Vulnerability scanning is important to do before deploying anything, and Trivy is a helpful tool.

What is The Edge? The Secret of Deno Fresh.

The edge is a new code word for a service offered by cloud providers, like AWS or Azure. In the context of web development, it refers to a platform's ability to render information quickly and reliably.

6 Essential SSH Commands To Manage Remote Machines

This article covers six essential SSH commands for managing remote machines: adding identities to the ssh-agent, connecting to new machines, forwarding the ssh-agent, connecting to multiple machines, allocating a pseudo-terminal, and enabling debug mode.

Perl is still relevant

Perl is a high-level, weakly typed, interpreted language with garbage collection and excellent memory management. Its primary strength is in text processing, and it is very UNIX-friendly. Perl has a vibrant development community in CPAN, with a vast archive of Perl modules. Perl is the best run in single tasks - on its own, it is not a language with great performance.

Building a Kubernetes cluster on AWS from scratch

This article walks through the process of setting up a Kubernetes cluster on AWS from scratch. It covers provisioning the necessary compute resources, configuring networking and security, and installing the software and configuration required to run a Kubernetes cluster.

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