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DevOps / SRE — Top Links Last Week

Week 28 Issue #35

DevOps / SRE — Top Links Last Week
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Week 28 Issue #35

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3 Future Programming Languages You Should Learn Between 2022 and 2030

Unity (C#) is the leading platform in the world to create interactive, 3D, and real-time content. Unity works on 30 platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. The language and framework are easy to pick up to develop your first game or 3D gamification application. The global gaming market alone has been growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11%. With the same growth rate, the current gaming market value will double in the next 6.55 years.

Deploy Gremlin to Amazon EKS Using AWS CloudFormation

Gremlin is an easy way to test your ability to use the Gremlin agent. The tool is a tool that can be used to test the reliability of an Amazon EKS cluster. The Gremlin tool is available in the U.S. version of this article. Use this tool to test whether or not you need to use Gremlin to run your own Gremlin in the cloud. Use the tool to create an IAM role for the next step in the process of creating a new Gremlin.

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GitOps: Expectations vs. Reality

GitOps is the evolution in software development practices that started with the waterfall model and reached DevOps. It improves upon the practices of DevOps to match with the needs and requirements of cloud-native development and infrastructure management. GitOps has massive advantages but it also has its own set of challenges and limitations. In this article, let us take a look at some GitOps issues and how to overcome those challenges. The major challenge is conducting smoke tests after deployment as Ops do not have visibility into source code.

MongoDB adds scaling, compliance boosts to version 5.0 of its database platform

MongoDB announced the general availability of MongoDB 5.0 at its annual developer conference. The latest updates support a broader range of workloads in serverless deployments, enable new ways to “future-proof” applications, and add privacy and security enhancements. MongoDB is available in three editions: the free MongoDB Community Server edition for Windows, Linux, and OS X; the MongoDB Enterprise Server commercial edition, available by paid subscription; and MongoDB Atlas.

AWS: Web Application Firewall overview, configuration, and its monitoring

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is an AWS service for monitoring incoming traffic to secure a web application. Can be attached to an AWS Application LoadBalancer, AWS CloudFront distribution, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS AppSync GraphQL API. In this post we will spin up a test application in Kubernetes, will go through main WAF concepts, will see how Rules can be configured for an ACL, will create such an ACL and will configure its monitoring with CloudWatch and Prometheus.

AWS open source news and updates #76

This week, we have new oss projects such as ecs-files-composer, lucid-dynamodb, kubectl-trace, tailscale-layer and more. In the videos section, we catch up with a couple of the sessions from the Airflow Summit and finally, some new events for your diary. We also feature OpenSearch, Kubernetes, COBOL, Jamulus, Firecracker, Apache Hudi, Apache Kakfa, Apache Flink, Redis and more.

What’s Technical-Debt-Driven Development?

What Causes Technical Debt? What exactly causes technical debt? And more importantly: Can we avoid it? I personally don’t think you can avoid having a certain degree of tech debt in any project. Accept that you’ll have to deal with a certain level of technical debt, and make sure you make time in the future to address it. Avoid using outdated technology as part of your project and use incremental modifications with care for quality, not only speed, but also speed. The real world will tend to push you towards skipping corners, so instead embrace it.

Create a Kubernetes Cluster on AWS Dynamically with Ansible

Create a Kubernetes cluster on AWS with the help of Ansible and also creating an Ansible inventory with the latest approach. The playbook runs fine without errors and can be ignored as it is using an old version of the Ansible (2.1) The inventory file is so small and more flexible as compared to the previous approach: using.ini file which is very complex. You have to run the instance.yml file with the. help of ansible-playbook before running instance instance.yml just make sure you have provided your key location inside ansible.conf file.

Josh: Get the advantages of a monorepo with multirepo setups

Josh combines the advantages of a monorepo with those of multirepo setups by leveraging a blazingly-fast, incremental, and reversible implementation of git history filtering. The partial repo will act as a normal git repository but only contain the files found in the subdirectory and only commits affecting those files. Josh-proxy can be integrated with any http based git host: docker run -p 8000:8000 -e JOSH_REMOTE= -v josh-vol:/data/git esrlabs/josh-proxy:latest.

Golang and clean architecture

A golang application that follows the clean architecture principles is reviewed and deployed using the golang version of Gin. Clean architecture principles include:UI independent, database independent, testable, framework independent and framework independent. Database independent: the project shouldn’t care or depend on the chosen database. Testable: a system that is testable is a system you have confidence working with — therefor it’s easy to extend or maintain. Clean Architecture is a must-read book that provides guidelines and examples.

Trading Snakes for Gophers: A Migration Case Study

The product owner for a platform at Capital One that’s used for provisioning and management of resources on the public cloud. Over the past year and a half I’ve been working with a team of talented software engineers to rewrite our platform (client + server) from Python to Go. Capital One encourages autonomy within the developer community, allowing them to make these kinds of decisions based on what is best for their products and platforms. In choosing a language, we considered several factors between Python and Go:Client portability, code reuse/maintenance, static compilation, public cloud API support and developer support.

If you want to transform IT, start with finance

We often talk about ‘culture’ being the problem in IT transformation, but why stop there? If we take a ‘5 whys‘ approach, then we should go deeper. Here I suggest we should consider a deeper structural cause of cultural problems in change management: how money flows through the organisation. There is also a more visceral personal level on which money flows can change or affect behaviour. Compensation, threats of firing, and bonuses can all drive good or bad behaviours. There is a common pattern in software companies’ histories (especially if they were founded before the time of their history)

Laravel Sail with HTTPS Swoole

The following steps will guide you in setting up Laravel Octane with Swoole Server with HTTPS. The flag OCTANE_HTTPS is not turning on the SSL functionality, it is just about the URL prefix. Make sure you install the Chokidar file-watching library too, you can read more about in official docs. The next step is to update the latest sail version (v1.8.0-swoole) to include the package with the package that includes the package called "Sail"

Schrödinger's Code

Drill Bits clears up widespread misconceptions and presents practical techniques to banish undefined behavior from your own code. This article surveys the most prominent pitfalls, presents examples from production software, and suggests practical ways to prevent and detect such bugs in serial code. C/C++ functions in figure 1 contain four undefined operations that I've seen repeatedly in production code; comments indicate (unsound) behavioral predictions. It's as though the if branches have gone missing—which indeed they have. Compiling with Clang with 11.0 and calling each function with arguments to both if and else shatters naïve expectations.

The Phoenix Project and Digital Transformation

The impact of IT can be tremendous. When do it right, the IT department can turn the company around. Financial metrics should align with business objectives, so do IT managers. Data accuracy and timeliness make significant impact on sales and customer satisfaction. There are few types of IT departments I found in the daily business: security first, cost first, maintenance first, and the less system to maintain, the better the user user experience. The Phoenix Project is written by a former IT manager who was promoted to a component company.

Deploy Jenkins On Docker Container

In this article I will be automating the Jenkins inside a docker container with the help of Dockerfile and then create and execute different Jenkins job running inside a container. In the below scripts i have written some steps. I have created a new GitHub repo, so that we can put GitHub URL in jenkins job.. Now, let’s create jobs that will pull the GitHub repo automatically when some developers push repo to GitHub. Job1: Pull the GitHub. repo automatically. When we launch this image, it should automatically starts Jenkins service in the container. Job 1: Pulls the. GitHub repo. Job 2: If app is not working, then send email to developer with error messages. Job 3: Test your app if it is working or not.

A Comparison Between Scrum and Extreme Programming

Choosing a software development methodology can be one of the most challenging tasks for a project manager. Agile development is made up of different methodologies that development teams can choose depending on their requirements. Some of the popular development methodologies include Extreme Programming, Scrum, and Feature-Driven Development. Extreme Programming focuses more on technical aspects of the software under development. Scrum focuses on software development in three phases: the first phase involves the development of software code and the actual development of the system.

5 Classic Misconceptions Programmers Have About Software Development

Software engineering is riddled with many misconceptions due to its nascent nature. The spread of these myths is so expansive that many programmers still believe in them. These myths are born due to incorrect assumptions by individuals and spread around by individuals. Programmers who buy into these mistaken ideas inadvertently harm their own career progress. Here are five classic misconceptions that you need to be aware of, so they won’t limit your professional growth. Coding is a crucial activity of the software lifecycle but it is just one of the many essential elements of the entire development process.

AWS IAM: Everything You Need to Know

IAM allows you to manage users and their level of access to the AWS console. You can specify permissions to control which users can access specific services, the kinds of actions they can perform, and which resources are available. IAM is a 100% free service and it can help you save money by making sure only users only users who know what they are doing have access to paid resources. The IAM service can be used for EC2 or Windows RDP certificates, you must use SSH keys, in this case, users can share these.

According to a Glassdoor report surveying over 5,000 salaries, the average base salary for a DevOps engineering role in the US is $103k. There are, however, three main factors that determine how much a Dev Ops engineer gets paid: the company you work with, geographical location of the company, and experience level. The average DevOps engineer salary in the U.S. may be 20% less than that of a company in the UK. Google, Facebook, or Oracle offer even more competitive salaries for tech roles than the average.

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