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Week 31 - Issue #90

DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week
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Week 31 - Issue #90

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GitHub Repositories Weren’t Hacked

There was a false report of a massive malware attack on GitHub when only a few repositories were affected.

CI/CD Pipeline — via Github and Code Pipeline

This article covers the basics of setting up a CI/CD pipeline using Github and Code Pipeline. CI/CD pipelines help automate the process of testing and deploying new code. To set up a pipeline, you'll need to create an S3 bucket and enable website hosting. You can then complete your pipeline using CodePipeline. Once your pipeline is set up, you can test it by updating your code in the GitHub repo.

Basic OpenShift 4 Cluster setup on AWS

This blog walks through the process of setting up a primary OpenShift 4 cluster on AWS. It outlines the requirements and provides detailed instructions on how to get everything up and to run.

I still love PHP and JavaScript

I love PHP and Javascript because they're convenient, popular, and have good tooling. Their popularity means there are always newbies learning the language, which is fulfilling.

How to Talk About Software Changes

  1. Frame the problem domain
  2. Explain what was missing, broken, or otherwise problematic
  3. Present the change from the perspective of the user
  4. Use this time to loop back to the beginning where you started

Top 6 Threat Detection Tools for Containers

A list of six threat detection tools for containers is presented, along with a brief description of each. Clair, Trivy, Secret Scanner, OpenSCAP, Kube-bench, and Threat mapper are all open-source tools that can scan for vulnerabilities and hardcoded secrets in container images and infrastructure as code files.

The Rise and Fall of Bootstrap

The rise and fall of Bootstrap and how Tailwind became the go-to CSS framework.

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