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Week 32 - Issue #91

DevOps / SRE - Top Links Last Week
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Week 32 - Issue #91

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A Quick Look At AWS EBS. Elastic Block Storage (EBS) allows the… | by Jonathan Duran | AWS in Plain English

EBS is a type of storage that persists after an EC2 machine is terminated. You can use Terraform to create an EBS volume and attach it to an EC2 machine. Data is written to the volume and persists after the machine is terminated.

Architecting Event-driven Systems the right way | by Jayanth Kumar | Technopreneurial Treatises

Event-driven architectures are a type of software design where events drive the state changes of objects in the system. Event sourcing is a specific type of event-driven architecture where events are stored as a record of first-class citizens and used to derive attribute values and states lazily.

Is it time to migrate from Lens to OpenLens to manage your Kubernetes clusters? | by Armin Nikdel | Dev Genius

OpenLens is the same as Lens IDE without proprietary components, and it's free of charge based on the MIT license. However, currently, there is no signed binary available for OpenLens. This article discusses crowdfunding regarding code signature for the community, and it shows how to compile OpenLens ourselves for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Deploy a Container Stack in Portainer from a GitHub Repository – The New Stack

Portainer is a web-based platform for managing your containerized deployments. For example, you can use it to deploy a full stack container from a GitHub repository. To do this, you'll need a running instance of Portainer and a GitHub account.

What in the world is DevSecOps? Development, security, and operations | by Ash Moran | Medium

DevSecOps implements security throughout the software development process by creating a culture of collaboration between Development, Security, and Operations.

8 Advanced Git Commands Universities Won't Teach You | by Joel Belton | Better Programming

This article covers eight advanced git commands that can be useful for saving time and understanding code better. These include commands for searching through commits, deleting local branches, counting commits, viewing file contents on other branches, creating blank commits, and more.

10 Best Terraform Tools That You Need in 2022 | by Neil Shah | Medium

This article discusses 10 Terraform tools that could be useful in 2022. These tools aim to make deployments easier for companies that manage multiple applications.

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