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DevOps / SRE — Top Links Last Week

Week 5 Issue #12

DevOps / SRE — Top Links Last Week
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Week 5 Issue #12

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What Andy Jassy’s promotion to Amazon CEO could mean for AWS

With Jassy moving into his new role at the company, the immediate question is who replaces him to run AWS. Let the games begin. Among the names being tossed about in the rumor mill are Peter DeSantis, vice president of global infrastructure at AWS and Matt Garman, who is vice president of sales and marketing. Both are members of Bezos’ elite executive team known as the S-team and either would make sense as Jassy’s successor. Nobody knows for sure though, and it could be any number of people inside the organization, or even someone from outside. Amazon was not ready to comment on a successor yet with the hand-off still months away.

Puppet Vs Ansible

In this article, I’ll explain the pros and cons for each with some technical examples.

Deploying a Kubernetes application to AWS EKS using Terraform and Ansible

In this article i am going to walkthrough with a demo to show how to use Ansible to deploy an application onto a Kubernetes cluster that is provisioned by Terraform.

CICD with Terraform

There are many solutions for doing infrastructure provisioning with Terraform; however, in this article, we will focus on setting up AKS Terraform CICD with GitLab. In this article, we shall cover the basics of Terraform and GitLabs CICD process.

Announcing Version 2.0 of the Kubernetes and Helm Providers for HashiCorp Terraform

Version 2.0 of the Kubernetes and Helm providers includes a more declarative authentication flow, alignment of resource behaviors and attributes with upstream APIs, normalized wait conditions across several resources, and removes support for Helm v2.

Donating Docker Distribution to the CNCF

We are happy to announce that Docker has contributed Docker Distribution to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Docker is committed to the Open Source community and open standards for many of our projects, and this move will ensure Docker Distribution has a broad group maintaining what is the foundation for many registries.

Bare-metal Kubernetes with Kubeadm, NGINX ingress controller and HAProxy

Here are some of my notes for setting up a “bare-metal” Kubernetes (k8s) cluster. I put bare-metal in double quotes because I actually used AWS EC2 instances but only as plain VMs, with the goal of being able to deploy this scenario in any cloud or on-premise infrastructure, without depending on k8s cloud services such as EKS, AKS or GKE. I chose Kubeadm as the Kubernetes cluster deployment tool, because it is part of the official Kubernetes project.

Buildpacks vs. Dockerfiles

Let’s start at the beginning. As more of our development teams moved their applications onto our platform, they needed a way to continuously build and deploy their container images. We removed that burden by building it into our platform. We investigated different approaches to turning application source code into container images. Two of the most popular are Dockerfiles and buildpacks. In this post, I’ll explain the choices we’ve made in our platform to move our development teams from Dockerfiles to buildpacks.

A 1000 Foot Overview of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration tool developed by Google (It was a branch of their Borg project) for managing microservices or containerized applications across a distributed cluster of nodes. As explains it,

Kubernetes Architecture

A quick overview of Kubernetes Architecture.

Building a Serverless CI/CD Pipeline on AWS.

IT automation, also known as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), is an intrinsic part of the DevOps culture and best practices. The goal is to guarantee the same environment is created every time the code is executed. This is pivotal to the implementation of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). The purpose of the CI/CD pipeline is to enable teams to release a constant flow of software updates into production to quicken release cycles, lower costs, and reduce the risks associated with development.

Building Alerts for Observability’s 4 Golden Signals with Terraform Cloud and New Relic

Learn how to build observability as code infrastructure automation using New Relic, Terraform Cloud, and Google’s 4 Golden Signals of SRE.

Gene Kim on Biggest Obstacles Faced by DevOps in 2021

“Like most organizations, we all entered 2020 with a plan in January, and all those plans were completely upended by a global pandemic and the economic downturn that happened afterward. And yet I think it has been illuminating in showing what technology can do in a time of incredible crisis.”

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